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Toast + Celebrate: New Orleans Travel Guide

New Orleans (NOLA) is arguably one of the most vibrant and celebratory cities in the United States. It is a place where spirited music is always playing, and the streets are always buzzing with life.

Just like our New Orleans Toast + Celebrate scent, this city awakens your senses and fills you with energy.

Join us as we share our favorite sights, tastes, and experiences with you through this New Orleans travel guide.

Toast + Celebrate: What to Do in New Orleans

  • Visit NOLA's most iconic landmarks, including Jackson Square, the Doullut Steamboat House, the French Quarter, and St. Louis Cemetery.

  • Celebrate your New Orleans trip in style and have an unforgettable night out on Bourbon Street.

  • Sample NOLA's distinct Cajun and Creole cuisine.

  • Enjoy the local live Jazz scene on Frenchman Street.

Where to Eat

Breakfast and Brunch

Café du Monde is one of the most iconic coffee shops in the city and appears in almost every New Orleans travel guide. They are famous worldwide for their fluffy beignets and rich café au lait.

Willa Jean is the place to go in New Orleans for a scrumptious Southern breakfast that blends traditional with modern. Try the WJ breakfast, which includes tasty biscuits, grits, sausage, bacon, and eggs, or their delicious BBQ shrimp toast.

Jack Rose is a NOLA favorite with an outstanding brunch and a beautiful ambiance. A few standout dishes are the fried shrimp and grits, duck and andouille gumbo, and wagyu steak and eggs.


Auction House Market is a food hall and retail space serving high-quality sushi, noodles, deli food, coffee, and drinks. Not only is the food delicious, but the building is gorgeous.

MOPHO is a restaurant that serves "unauthentic" Vietnamese food cuisine that very authentically embodies New Orleans’ multicultural spirit. Their menu fuses traditional Vietnamese dishes with local Cajun flavors. Standout items include their "po-mi" sandwiches (po' boy Banh mi) and black-eyed pea curry bowls.

Domilise's Po-boy & Bar has been serving up some of the best po' boy sandwiches in town since 1918. They're best known for their fried shrimp and oyster po' boys that they make right in front of you! If you only go to one po' boy place during your New Orleans trip, this would be the one.


Tableau is a classic NOLA spot in the French Quarter serving traditional Creole cuisine. People love their French Onion soup, seafood dishes, and sage butter gnocchi. Make sure to get a spot on their famous balcony!

Napoleon House is an institution in New Orleans that has been around for nearly two centuries! This historic eatery has excellent local favorites like jambalaya, gumbo, and alligator sausage sandwiches.

Peche Seafood Grill is a unique seafood spot that dives deeper than the typical shrimp and fish dishes you can find at most restaurants. It is a social experience where friends share whole fish like snapper and redfish and enjoy each other's company.


The Carousel Bar & Lounge is a one-of-a-kind carousel-themed bar. You can sample delicious Sazerac and other cocktails from one of the best mixologists in the business, Marvin Allen, at this beautiful establishment.

Where to Stay

The Chloe is an intimate boutique hotel housed within a stunning 19th-century mansion that is the perfect retreat for your New Orleans trip. From the moment you walk in, you'll experience the city's famous Southern hospitality. While there are only fourteen rooms, there are plenty of amenities, including a restaurant, bar, patio, and pool. It's a hotel that feels like a home away from home.

This hotel is a sleek and exciting accommodation located within the NOLA Central Business District. The French Quarter and theater district is easily accessible from this hotel. However, The Troubadour itself is an attraction, with some of the city's best food, drinks, and entertainment within its walls.

Did you enjoy this New Orleans travel guide with ideas for what to do? Explore other WanderMist collections and scents to discover other exciting destinations.


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